Video productions


Van schakel tot ambtsketen

A film made for the municipality of Haarlemmermeer. 

The art of dialogue

Video-interview with professor Noelle Aarts of Wageningen University

Peter Went on meaningful search, the Why of WCC

Peter Went, CEO of WCC, explains what inspired him to become passionate about 'Meaningful Search'. The essence of what all the people of WCC are making possible for the customer every day.


Documentary 'New Focus On ADHD'

This documentary 'New Focus On ADHD' is a coproduction of Way Media ,FleischmannFilm and Hanne Producties for Mind Media, a company that produces Neuro and Biofeedback systems. 


The work of artist Adi Da Samraj was exposed by galerie 

Pien Rademakers at the PAN Amsterdam artfair.

This production was made for Da Plastique, the organization behind the art of Adi Da Samraj.

It is a coproduction of FleischmannFilm and Way Media.

A New Way To Hold And Play The Violin and The Viola


A demonstration by Tim Augé (violin and viola) with Aafje van Gemert (Piano).


Violinist and violist Tim Augé, student of Ivan Galamian and Dominique Hoppenot, demonstrates a new and comfortable way to hold and play the violin and viola.

We made a video registration of, among others, pieces of J.S. Bach, C. Saint-Saens, P.I. Tchaikowsky.


This is a co-production of FleischmannFilm and Way Media.








Andante from Sonata No. 2 for Violin Solo - J.S. Bach

Introduction and Rondo capriccioso for Violin and Piano - C. Saint-Saens

Andante Cantabile for Viola and Piano - P.I. Tchaikowsky

Sarabande from Cello Suite No. 6 for Viola Solo - J.S. Bach




Producer Jasper van Laar, Way Media        
DOP Tanja Fleischmann 

DOP Lex Hulleman, Lexicam    

Camera Jasper van Laar
Audio Frans Vermast

Design Thomas Rohlfs