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Corporate photography package

Photoshoot with social distancing

Don't miss out presenting yourself in a corporate way!


A strong and fierce corporate portrait of yourself can take you to another level in your career. In these times of crisis it is even more important to present yourself well.

A photo shoot on (way more than) 1,5 meter distance outside (The photo shoot on location of choice inside is also an option.) Working in a safe way and having beautiful corporate portraits as a result, that is what I offer you with my Corporate Photography Package. Overcome your fear and shine! 


Corporate Photography Package

-       Save photo shoot on (way more than) 1,5 meter

-       Outside in the fresh air and sunshine

-       Inside on location of choice or on a location of my choice.

-       1 to 8 beautiful professional photo’s of yourself

-       Editing the photo’s in Adobe Lightroom

-       No travel costs (in Amsterdam)

-       Everlasting fame  




You will get a special price until June 1st 2021.


1 photo 99 (normal price 199)

3 photos 199 (normal price 299 euro)

5-8 photos 299 (normal price 399 euro)

Group price for a company:


499 for 5 employees with 1 photo each (normal price 799)

For 5 employees or more it will be 99 per employee added to the price.

Prices are without VAT and travel costs. (No travel costs for the shoot at the Steiger-eiland in Amsterdam.)

You will receive your photo's in high resolution quality. They will be edited in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. I will give you a very good styling advise before the shoot. If you are not sure about what to wear, please contact me and I can help you out. We will also discuss what is important for you and your business or job. I will transform your ambitions into images.


You can come to the Steiger-eiland in Amsterdam, but I can also come to you. The photo shoot will be outside (or inside depending on the weather.) and I am working with a zoom lens. This way we can take a safe 1,5 meter distance. Please contact me to plan a shoot.


See you soon in front of my lens!

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